The Line of Best Fit - Shunaji is on the rise

Armed with a drum machine and bars that glitter with strength and self-assurance, Shunaji is the reluctant cool girl ready to agitate UK hip-hop.

Somewhere Soul - Shunaji on Diversity in the Arts

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Brainchild Festival - Shunaji on her alter-egos

‘a lot of hip-hop artists have these different personas… it allows us to be creative, achieve different types of deliveries’.

Shunaji has come a long way from singing in her high school choir and playing around with cracked production software. In 2017, she was part of Future Bubblers, a talent discovery project developed by Brownswood Recordings. The year after that, the Roundhouse chose her to be one of their resident artists. [...]


Her willingness to push new frontiers may be what has made Shunaji something of a Renaissance woman. Her unique sound blends seemingly disparate musical genres, hip-hop and rap-rock melding with neo-soul and 70s-era Italian balladry.

About To Blow Interviews: Shunaji

Trace through the musical lineage of London-based artist Shunaji and you’ll begin to discover the cue points leading to an inevitable career in music.